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Body Psychotherapy - Postural Integration® - Pelvic-Heart Integration® - Energetic Integration® - Core-Energetica - Psychomotorische Therapie (KULeuven)

Bodymind (PsychoCorporal) integration is an experiential therapeutic approach that deals with the embodied self of man. Eastern and Western fundamentals, as well as recent insights from brain research and neurobiology give Bodymind Integration a scientific basis and profound impulses to touch the human being in its entirety. In this approach, the in-body intelligence and competence to confront repressed pain, embodied developmentaltrauma,shock and PTSS, are made available and open up hidden power and creativity as well as salutary movements in the soul. In our Institute we teach and support the methods Core Strokes™, Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration®, Core Energetics® and Pelvic Heart Integration®

Bodymind Integration encourages you to immerse yourself in the language of your body, to develop a sense of your feelings, to sharpen your self-awareness and to gain a deep understanding of your own life story with its survival patterns and life task.

Bodymind Integration is first-hand experience and gives you the courage for liveliness and authenticity.

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Bodymind Integration / Body Psychotherapy / PsychoCorporal Integration / Psychomotor Therapy

  • IBI has been active in Ghent since 1994. Founded by Dirk Marivoet, ECP, CCEP, DPT, PMT.

    After having been employed at the Psychiatric Centers of KU Leuven and the Faculty of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences as a body-oriented psychotherapist - psychomotoric therapist, (between 1983 and 1994, Dirk Marivoet founded the IBI in response to the growing demand for body-oriented approaches in ambulatory mental health care
  • The IBI offers Body-oriented Psychotherapy, PsychCorporal (Bodymind) Integration and Deep Holistic Bodywork ...

    ... with the aim of helping "seeking" people to get closer to themselves, to alleviate and alleviate unnecessary pain and suffering and to give the personal life story more depth. The IBI is recognized by EAP, WAPCEPC, ICPIT, and EABP (European Association of Body Psychotherapy).
  • The offer varies ....

    ... from Holistic Bodywork, Body-oriented Psychotherapy (e.g. Core-Energetics®), PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration (Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration®, Pelvic-Heart Integration®, ...) to standard regular Psychomotor Therapy (Functional, Experiential, Conflict-oriented). for Professional Diagnostics, Advice & Guidance: Conversations, Breathwork, Movement Work, Voting, work with touch, etc. are some of the ingredients.
  • We also take care of ....

    .... training, coaching and training programs for external organizations (Therapeutic Institutions, Therapeutic Communities, Teams of all kinds, Companies, ... Do you have a specific question? Do not hesitate to ask them!

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