Postural Integration® 3-Year Professional Training

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ICPIT offers a 3- Year Certification Training in Postural Integration® (700+ hours) given by certified ICPIT-trainers in Postural Integration® & Core Strokes™ . If you are interested to take such a training, please send your request to the ICPIT-secretariat.

For Whom: For all interested people and practitioners in the field, interested to increase their level of experience, skill and understanding of psychosexual bodymind work. For people interested in Personal Development. For therapists in the field of Body Psychotherapy (Students and practitioners in Energetic Integration®, Core Energetics, Bodymind Therapy, Hakomi, Gestalt Therapy, Reichian oriented Therapies, Body Therapy (Shiatsu, Massage, Movement Education, etc.)

Entry Criteria: Minimum of 50 Hours of Personal Development Sessions/ Experiential Work/ Emotional Process Work (Individual or Group), Experience with Body Psychotherapy, Bodymind Integration, Bodywork, Systemic Work

Enrollment & Bank Information: Send € 100,- to: BE24 0017 2768 0538  (Inst. Bodymind Integration (Dirk Marivoet) - BIC BNP Paribas Fortis : GEBABEBB) with communication: PHI-Training Hungary. You will receive a first confirmation and an invitation for an interview. You can also call us and ask for an interview: +32 9 228 49 11 or +43 676 3121929. After the interview you will receive a definitive confirmation letter.

IBI offers Introductory Workshops in PI (3 to 5 days). Upcoming events are planned in Belgium, Austria, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Hungary, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, USA, Australia, South Africa…

Come join us for this extraordinary and transformative training

Postural Integration® is a Western way to overcome the split between polarities like left-right, above-below, inside-outside, back-front, sexuality and love, the masculine and the feminine within the person and through trans-generational work.

The Method was developed by Jack Painter, Ph.D. and auspiced by ICPIT (The International Council of PsychoCorporal Integration Trainers, founded by Dr. Painter in 1988)

Throughout our lives we separate below from above, we split our sexuality from the feelings of our heart over and over again. We also split left from right, separating our sense of unity, connection, relationship (right) and sense of linearity, autonomy, consistency. We CAN have both together and coordinated in one bodymind. Other dimensions like back and front, representing vulnerability and power/protection, and inside-outside (feeling-doing), etc. are being brought together with Postural Integration® and Core Strokes™.

While we run away from our deep feelings of one side of ourselves, we are investing a lot of energy in the other side The way we separate one from the other, is reflected in our body. The connection between the head and the rest of the body, back and front, inside and outside, allows us to see our natural rhythm of pleasure and excitement, thus connecting our polarities, our "male" and "female" side, our "receptive" and "active" side in us. The simultaneous work with breathing, touch, movement, feelings and thoughts brings the energy between the each polarity to flow and opens us to love ourselves and others.




  • How to use the breath to access new levels of excitement with or without a partner
  • How to identify characteristic patterns and blocks to the free flow of orgasmic energy and how these blocks are related   to body types and personality types
  • How to identify the origin of these blocks and splits and how to release them on physical, energetic, and emotional levels
  • How to free yourself from old, dysfunctional patterns and become a mature, self-validating individual
  • How to use postural integration and Core-Energetics bodywork to release trauma and to increase orgasmic pleasure


Dirk Marivoet (B), Dirk is a registered psychotherapist (member of EAP, EABP, BVP-ABP, WAPCEPC), and a licenced Psychomotor Therapist and PT in mental health (member of VVPMT). He is the general-secretary at ICPIT, director and founder of the Institute for Bodymind Integration in Ghent(B), trainer for Postural, Energetic and PHI psychotherapy. He worked at the University of Leuven for many years (Psychiatric Centers and Faculty for Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences). He also studied under John Pierrakos, co-founder of Bio-Energetics and Core-Energetics and is a teacher and supervisor at the Netherlands Institute for Core-Energetics (NICE). Shamanic Training (Lakota, Druid, Tibetan). Father of two.

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