IBI history

What preceded....

Roots in Psychomotor Therapy

Dirk Marivoet, MSc. Physiotherapy and MSc. Psychomotor Therapy - founder of the Institute for Bodymind Integration - between 1984 and 1994 was staff psychiatry (Psychomotor Therapist) at the University of Leuven (Belgium).
Psychomotor Therapy is an evidence based therapy working from a holistic perspective. There are broad influences of elements of bodyphenomenology, existential philosophy, symbol theory, gestalt psychology, bio-medical insights, physical education principles, ... During that period Dirk got involved in the humanistic movement and experimented widely with multiple growth methods, that he soon transmitted himself.


Ambulatory Holistic Bodywork

Dirk Marivoet becomes free-lance collaborator at such organizations as "Natuurlijk Genezen" in Antwerp ( courses Bio-Energetics etc). He is involved in sweatlodge ceremonies with "Walk in Spirit" and Archie Fire Lame Deer, developing thus a primary mythological backbone.
In 1987 he starts to collaborate with the "Centum voor Relaxatie en Lichaamswerk" in Mechelen and other centers. He also starts to give ambulatory individual sessions, specializing in the treatment of stress complaints.


Towards an offer in Postural Integration®

In 1989, Dirk Marivoet starts to offer Postural Integration (PI) sessions to the general public. In the Benelux this approach is a fresh and awaited complement for available methods of holistic care . Although PI is not a curative method (rather a method for self-development), he demonstrates positive results with psychiatric patients.


Full-time Practice for Bodymind Therapy (Body Psychotherapy)

In 1994, Dirk Marivoet leaves the University and starts a full-time practice as "Bodymind Therapist" in Ghent.
Hij introduces Bio-energetics, Postural Integration and other forms of holistic bodywork in Ghent and other cities. Furthering the integration of Mythos, Theos and Logos into Holos, Dirk becomes a Firewalk Instructor in 1994 and starts developing deep integration workshops - psychotherapeutic, experiential, mythologically grounded, spiritually sane.


Renting Grouproom Destelbergenstraat

Dirk starts renting a building allowing groupwork and individual work.
Since 1997 also the training in Postural Integration is given in this location, as well as other courses, weekends, etc.


IBI becomes a Training centre for Postural Integration - We also offer Core-Energetics

In 1998 Dirk Marivoet becomes certified Trainer of Postural Integration (recognized by ICPIT). He becomes responsible of the Belgian Training (Centre Belge d'Intégration Posturale) and integrates the training within the Institute for Bodymind Integration.
In the same year, Dirk also becomes certified as Core-Energetics Therapist (with John Pierrakos) and guides individuals, groups and systems with Core-Energetics principles


Also Trainingscentre for Energetic Integration

Dirk Marivoet also becomes Certified ICPIT Trainer in Energetic Integration. The IBI becomes the only Postural AND Energetic Integration center in the Benelux.


IBI becomes owner

IBI becomes owner of the center in Sint-Amandsberg. Dirk Marivoet moves his private practice to the center.
New collaborators start working for IBI.


Elaborating Transpersonal pillar and International presence

Dirk is regularly guest teacher in other training institutes as well as universities. From 2014 on the IBI collaborates with SUNDOOR, School for transpersonal Education. A firewalk Instructors Training is organized with Peggy Dylan (the "mother of the western fire walk movement). . Mythos, Theos, Logos and Holos are brought together furthering the practice.