Pelvic-Heart Integration Workshop Brussels 22 > 25 June 2017

 PHIarancioUpcoming workshop in Brussels! (VOLZET - extra workshop in Gent!)

Living the Mystery
of the
Masculine and Feminine

Pelvic-Heart Integration® (PHI) in Brussels : 22 > 25 June 2017!

Beyond Attraction-Rejection, Happiness-Frustration,
Joy- Heartbreak

International Workshop guided by Dirk Marivoet (B) and Elisabeth Renner (A), Licensed Psychotherapists and International Trainers and Supervisors for PHI.

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We often resign ourselves to repeating cycles of being attracted to and then rejected by the opposite sex. This pattern of finding short lived happiness and joy often leads to plunging back into unforeseen frustration and heartbreak. We can become intrigued and overwhelmed by the mystery of the opposite sex. Yet, when we really feel both the masculine and feminine already inside of us and then letting these parts of us interact with each other, we can find our way to sustainable excitement, deep love and even ecstasy. Our sexuality then comes from the wonderful mystery within us and guides us in our relationship with others.

In this workshop we will discover how our characteristic breathing patterns, thoughts, emotions, and body armour block the free flow of our life force and inhibit our capacity for sensual pleasure and orgasmic release. We use breath, movement and mindful touch to feel the unity of love and satisfaction. Psychodrama, imagery and role plays are helping us to explore the sexual and heart energy from our ancestors and our inner triangle (father, mother, child) which becomes a template for future relationships.
Experiencing the spiritual presence of our ancestors is powerful and helps us to heal old wounds carried through generations. Pelvic-Heart Integration is helpful and supportive in creating a new wave of consciousness in all of us.

Pelvic-Heart Integration explores together with you the unconscious emotional body armor and breathing patterns, as well as habitual protection and defense patterns, that were learned in the Triangle Mother/Father/Child that determine your relationships in the here and now. Role playing, Imagination, Body Talk, „Hands-on” techniques, expression and movement, as well as exchanges in the group, accompany you in this process. Work with our ancestors and their spiritual force support you in bringing old, passed on wounds though generations, to a healing movement. New pulsating vibrancy and creativity begin to flow and to create a new source of Bodymind Consciousness.


Dirk2015ColorDIRK MARIVOET: 
Psychotherapist, Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration®, Postural Integration® & Energetic Integration® - Teacher and Supervisor for Core-Energetics®.
Loves the Fire, Father of two children, lives in Belgium



ICPIT-Trainer-Elisabeth_Renner2ELISABETH RENNER: Psychotherapist, Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration®, Postural Integration® & Energetic Integration®. Loves the Water, lives in Graz and in Hawaï




Tao Massage Brussels

Rue Alphonse Asselbergs,58

contact Tessa Raffaella Lavezzi:

0032 (0) 485 22 44 68


450 € (Before June 1st 2017)

420 € (After June 1st 2017)


Bring or get your healthy lunch. Snacks, tea and coffee are served by the venue.

The workshop is non-residential: You will need to book and pay for your own hotel.

The number of Places is limited!! To ensure your participation, we recommend you to enroll early!


  1. Registration per email and our confirmation email counts as definitive enrollment
  2. Cancellation is possible via a confirmation email from us
  3. Cancellation until 3 weeks prior to the workshop: a cost of 25% of the workshop fee is due.
  4. In case of cancellation within the last 3 weeks prior to the workshop (also in case of sickness or not showing up), the total amount will be withheld unless a substitute can be found.

Pelvic-Heart Integration® Brussels: Contact Tessa Raffaella Lavezzi at 

PHI-4The force of sexuality models our life. Instincts and desires charge our genitals but the sexual satisfaction or disappointment are also part of the quest of our hearts: quest for peace and "completeness", quest for union with ourselves, with others and with the world. The genitals and the heart form the core of our deepest consciousness.

Looking how we can, at the same time fully feel our genital energy and find the satisfaction of the heart, we are looking for a spiritual sexuality that circulates between the genitals and the heart.

During this workshop, we offer you a progressive path that will allow you to explore your deepest and most precious aspirations.

We will help you to feel your desire and excitement and help you to understand the childhood origins of your sexual frustrations. You will discover the need to recognize and harmonize the masculine and feminine aspects within you. When your inner male and female parts, your inner man and woman, support your inner child, innocence, curiosity, and excitement will participate in your adult sexual life.

PHI-3Before the energy of the child was cut by not comprehending and frustrated parents, his heart and his genitals were part of a current of unified orgastic vibrant energy. By being the parents of your inner sexual child, you will find a powerful and tender source; you will reconnect to an inexhaustible source that binds you to genital desires and aspirations of the heart of your parents as well as of their parents, regardless of whether their real sexuality was incomplete or unfulfilled. This is the spiritual groundwork for a unified and sustainable love and sexuality. When you discover this inner strength, you will no longer play dependency games with which you search your happiness in your partner. You are ready to approach your partner with a new vitality and sexual confidence, willing to share your pleasure and your sexuality in an equally attractive way.



This discovery of your past, present and future sexual force is done with the body. With touch, breathwork, movement, role play, active imagination and bodywork, you will take awareness of how you can bring your body in your sexual, love and spiritual life.

We will explore how our sexual awareness is contained in our deep body tissues. We experience physical opening and the connection between the heart and genitals. The work with breathing and with the body will be used to release the energies and restructure the pelvic floor, genitals, psoas, the diaphragm and rib cage.

ICPIT-Trainer-Dirk-MarivoetDirk Marivoet is a licensed Psychotherapist ( EAP, EABP , BVP-ABP) with 30+ years of experience. He is the founder and director of the International Institute for Bodymind Integration in Ghent (B). He is a Core-Energetics practitioner (CCEP), teacher at the Dutch Institute for Core Energetics and a Bodymind Integrator, teacher and supervisor (member of ICPIT). He travels and works worldwide.

Regardless of your level of experience, we will help you learn how to maintain your sexual unity and dare to reveal yourself. Before all we’re our own lover, in love with our own body. When the male and female parts are harmonized in us, we can more easily feel, touch and be in joy while sharing the joy of another person. We can look at and love someone else without fear of losing him or lose something inside of us.

This inner joy - physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual - is complete and cannot be destroyed, whatever the reaction of the other. And this inner joy, this body ecstasy that radiates from our core, allows us to experience a deep encounter with those who also found their inner joy.



The trainers: Elisabeth Renner (A), Psychologist & Psychotherapist & Dirk Marivoet (B), PMT, PT & Psychotherapist.