Satisfaction instead of FrustrationFeeling good in your SkinGetting into Flow - Pleasure instead of PainMeaning & Connectedness instead of Despair and Alienation

Personal Development at IBI

Growth and development match our authentic nature. It is, as it were, written in our genes that we are able to long for pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connection. After all, we have the ability to recognize, experience and name these states. We can fully satisfy our nature in interactions with appropriate others. That is why we selectively search for contexts and interactions throughout our lives that promise to:

  • satisfy our basic needs
  • assist us in integrating and uniting the polarities of our being
  • support us in the expansion of our consciousness
  • improve the development of our “pilot”
  • validate and cultivate our being unique and potential.

Through years of research and experience at IBI, we have seen how people act and behave as they strive to improve their lives. From this experience and from extensive literature study and research on human development, we have come to an understanding and we have been able to identify the appropriate imperatives, which, if properly present, lead to the good life.

Everything we do in IBI is based on eliminating Pain, Frustration, Despair and Alienation by doing responsible therapeutic work around basic unsatisfied needs such as having a place, receiving nourishment, support, protection and loving boundaries.

We also do work that focuses on

  • neurologically integrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere that is the main protagonist in our conscious, rational, abstracting, intellectual, cognitive, verbal and linear thinking faculties and the right hemisphere that is the main responsible in our unconscious, emotional, spatial, artistic, intuitive, non-verbal and organismic thinking faculties.
  • the sensori-motor level on action (motor), perception (sensory impressions) and integration (skillfully combining perception and action in coordinated behavior).
  • the behavioral: helping to integrate and balance the motor / symbolic / material expressive capacities as well as the motor / symbolic / material receptive capacities.
  • the symbolic: the masculine and feminine / yin and yang / animus and anima
  • the energetic: virtually invisible at the “micro” level, we have the innate directionality to realize our energy as action at the macro level.
    • Action is behavior and movement derived from feeling, pre-motor tension or emotional movement
    • Action creates form: through the energy in the body we form ourselves physically and mentally
    • Action is expression that follows a felt need
    • We bring action to interact with something or someone else and to integrate into ourselves and the world.
  • the level of meaning: Meaning is the translation of the interactive experience into conscious, verbal / symbolic, descriptive terms. In the IBI groups we hold many "rounds" where you can express your experiences and find meanings.


When we look around us, we see that all living things grow and change. Trees are given branches. Caterpillars become butterflies. Birds make nests and lay eggs. Personal development gives meaning to your life. Personal growth gives substance to your life.

  • Your personal development will make you feel healthier. Partly because you are concerned with the dimensions of body, mind and soul, and partly because development in itself makes you feel better. If you experience more satisfaction, more happiness, you also have more energy. If your body and mind feel better and function better, it makes sense that you are healthier and more likely to feel happy.
  • Your personal development also has an effect on your environment. Your growth, in turn, is a catalyst for changes around us and others around us. Embodying the change you'd like to see in others is a saying we love to use here at IBI.
  • Much of our work at the Institute for Bodymind Integration is aimed at supporting and accelerating your personal development. Many moments of "crisis" are in fact invitations to personal growth. Crisis is not a dirty word to us. As you grow inwardly (in your bodymind), your life will become more pleasant and interesting. You will feel alive, connected, aware and more present.
  • If you are engaged in personal development, you can get into a flow. Flow gives the experience of satisfaction and joy.
  • Personal development is actually inevitable if you consider "autonomy" of paramount importance. Life is moving, changing. We can go with this flow and use the changing energy if we want. After all, we all have an intrinsic desire for self-realization. Unfortunately, this is often shouted out by our conditioned mind (which has gone through “adjustment”). As a result, we no longer do the “right” things (We left our Core ("= the center of right energy"). We therefore contrast the concept of growth with the concept of adaptation, which is only a forced adjustment of one's own behavior under the pressure of something or someone else.

The Institute for Bodymind Integration is a supporter for your movement, physicality and health to help you on your way to positive growth.

In addition to our personal growth pillar, you can also contact us for therapy:

Goal audience
We work with adults, adolescents and children.


People can register with various complaints:

  • partner, relationship, family and family problems
  • problems with upbringing, divorce and breakups
  • problems at work, career, conflicts, bullying, burnout, dismissal
  • crisis intervention, processing of emotional events
  • stress complaints, anxiety disorders, depressive complaints
  • sexual abuse, trauma, grief and loss processing
  • physical complaints such as head and stomach pain, hyperventilation,
  • raised blood pressure
  • addiction to alcohol and medication, only after physical withdrawal
  • and always in consultation with the treating physician
  • meaning and identity questions

All these problems are addressed in the most workable setting. We work with individuals, couples and couples as well as with families and families. Our working method is based on an eclectic and integrative framework in which methods of system thinking can be combined with body-oriented interventions. In each guidance, attention is paid to the context in which your problems occur; your environment will also receive ample attention.