Postural Integration®

Postural Integration® (P.I.) is a form of body-focused therapy with a pronounced share of "hands-on bodywork". PI is given in individual treatments. Your physical attitude, as well as your mental and emotional attitudes with which you stand in life, are the starting points of the treatment. The goal is to bring you as a client more in contact with your natural authenticity and embodied potential.

During therapy, work is being done to free the blockages that disrupt lust for life and energy flow and that have to do with the developed character dynamics during your youth and later. These “character structures” are most efficiently transformed in the bodymind if you also work with your body, in particular your connective tissue (fasciae) in combination with, among other things, breathing work, movement and expression of feelings within psychotherapeutic guidance.

By manipulating the cramping and armor of your body and consequently loosening your breath and your energy, you come into contact as a client with your blocked feelings and beliefs that are literally stored in your body posture and in your body tissues. These can therefore be released at a deeper level and also faster.

With Postural Integration®, intensive use is made of “bodywork” : you work with your character structure as well as with soft and also deep therapeutic touches that are interwoven with insightful interpretations that we know from Western psychology and the ideas from Eastern traditions.

P.I. brings your patterns to light, makes them clear and clarifies who you truly and deeply are. Transforming these patterns requires active participation from you as a client. Your willingness to examine yourself and to push your limits is necessary. It requires some courage to do this therapy, but it is also exciting, and we ensure sufficient safety so that every next step can be taken.

At the start of a PI session, after a first contact with the therapist, the body is prepared and made accessible through awareness, phenomenological body reading, touch techniques and enhanced breathing. Next you receive liberating and connecting connective tissue work. With the deeper work on this connective tissue or "myofascia", it becomes clear where your accumulated tensions have been hiding. Often we are not fully aware of where and how we are stuck or blocked. The symptoms in the body, such as lower back pain, or shoulder rigidity, etc. are signals of these energetic and psychological blockages.

In a successful therapy your original therapy goal is often no longer perceived as so important. Through the work, a whole new world of experiences opens up to you. With the help of the practitioner, you free yourself from old limitations, and gradually you can move more easily and feel more joy. That is the actual integration within yourself: To come home into your authentic, lively and embodied self.

Clients who have gone through the process, usually experience themselves more as "whole", feel more balanced, more integrated, more energetic, clearer and also have more fun and meaning in life than before. P.I. treatments indirectly are also a strong impulse for all kinds of healing processes of even long-standing chronic disorders that you carry with you.

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Dirk Marivoet developed a new methodology that interweaves PI with the theory and practice of Core Energetics®. This approach is Core Strokes ™. Numerous workshops and training modules are offered in various countries of the world.