Recovering from Trauma in the Body with Core Energetics®

Trauma refers to experiences or events that by definition are out of the ordinary in terms of their overwhelming nature. They are more than merely stressful – they are also shocking, terrifying and devastating to the victim, resulting in profoundly upsetting feelings of terror, shame, helplessness and powerlessness. Long after the (traumatic) event, many people feel that a part of themselves has died.

Trauma shatters the sense of connection with oneself and with others, creating a crisis of faith. Traumatic events produce profound and lasting changes in psychological arousal, emotions, cognition and memory. Traumatized people lose their trust in themselves, in other people and in God.

Core Energetics therapy can be very useful in the recovery of agency and ones connection with oneself, others, the world and the divine.

In this masterclass, we will look into all the dynamics of trauma. You will learn to help your clients to reverse the experiences of psycho­logical trauma and to retrieve the power of being the leader of their own life, bringing them back to aliveness and faith.

DIRK MARIVOET is the director of the Institute for Bodymind Integration in Ghent, Belgium. He studied Core-Energetics under John Pierrakos, Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration and Pelvic-Heart Integration under Jack Painter, PhD (+ is a certified trainer/supervisor since 1999). He also worked extensively with native shamanism both in Europe and North America. Earlier in the 80s and 90s he was adjunct faculty Psychomotor Therapy at Leuven University.

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