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Core Strokes Workshop

Transformation Workshops Core Strokes™⎮ Postural Integration®⎮2021

New Dates 2021

Ghent - 2021

With Dirk Marivoet, MSc., PT, PMT, ECP, CCEP

What is Core Strokes -Postural Integration®?

Core Strokes™ touches upon the evolutionary process of the living Soul by unlocking the hidden treasures of the bodymind. The deeper message is that we must be determined to own ourselves, to know in our bones that we belong to ourselves. We have to claim our life as our own, apart from the conditioning and programming of family and society. In our story of individual development —in order to develop a consciousness and to move forthrightly out into the world — we need to call ourselves out of unconsciousness by way of free will. Core Strokes™ is a way of entering heart-first into the visceral world of feeling. By becoming conscious of our character defense patterns and dissolving our body armor, we naturally and spontaneously embrace life in the way suited to us. Core Strokes™ combines theoretical and practical aspects of on the one hand Core Energetics® (developed by John C. Pierrakos, MD) and on the other hand Postural Integration® (developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD). Core Strokes™ sessions specifically help a person to dissolve segmental and "muscular and myofascial armoring", which is a part of our emotional defense system. 

Core Strokes ™-Postural Integration® also supports a growth process of the whole person, based on his posture. Your posture tells a lot about who you are. By deeply liberating the myofascial tensions in your body in combination with simultaneous work with breath, movement, energy and consciousness within the interpersonal relationship, the different body areas can be made aware and re-balanced individually and in relation to each other.



During the transformation workshop you can explore the Core Strokes™-Postural Integration® Evolutionary Model. We will work with a synthesis of Reichian Breathwork, Gestalt, connective tissue work, bodymind drama and character analysis for personal transformation. Participants will have the opportunity to experience transformative work in a safe and inviting environment under the guidance of experienced teachers and supervisors. This is an opportunity for personal work and development in a group context. Given the integrative character of this workshop we welcome both interested students and professionals. Bring especially your curiosity, your willingness, and your desire to “move on” so that you can experience your body, feelings and emotions. For people who are interested in taking the professional training modules starting in 2020, it is advised to follow this workshop. Contents and work methods as taught in the training modules are adequately covered.

You can experience in this workshop the many ways in which you prevent yourself from being well aligned, well oriented and intentioned, clear, loving, fully living, and joyful or optimistic. Moving and unblocking the stuck energy and direct the associated emotions you come increasingly in your positive lifestream. You will find out how your body and your feelings are important guides for desired change and purpose in your life.

You will experience how in the process work your entire body begins to change visibly and tangibly. In the work, we integrate Reichian insights and practices, Gestalt work, Acupressure (based on 5-elements theory), Bodymind Drama (Embodied role playing, Triangle work (Child, Father, Mother, Ancestors, other placeholders), etc.

People who have experienced this work firsthand, tell us that they become livelier, more powerful, joyful, courageous …. Core Strokes ™-Postural Integration® is a creative, dynamic and ultimately enjoyable way to fully experience the creativity, dynamism and joy of your own life force.


Facilitation: Dirk Marivoet, Trainer/Supervisor for Core Strokes™ -Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® & Pelvic-Heart Integration® – Teacher/Supervisor for Core-Energetics Body Psychotherapy.

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Where: Several Places globally

When: Several Dates


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