Which complaints do we handle?

/ / Issues Treated in Therapy
  • We treat post-traumatic complaints, psychosomatic complaints, neurotic disorders, personality disorders, panic disorders
  • We offer professional guidance during a life crisis where your own strength is not enough: fears, burnout, depression, compulsion, eating disorders, anorexia, loneliness, relationship problems, guilt, grief.
  • We help people on their way to more quality of life: work-life balance, stress management, ambition, communication, social competence, vocation, independence, empowerment, supervision, personality development …
  • We provide personal coaching: dealing with people in a result-oriented and empathic way, getting rid of personal blocks, dealing with resistance to change, assertiveness, bringing clear messages, daring to say no, controlling anger, working on your emotional intelligence …

We work according to the ethical codes and the usual confidentiality that is specific to the different disciplines we practice. No one else gets information without your permission. Even the fact that you ask for advice remains completely confidential.
If you want to make an appointment, this can be done by telephone or email. Information can also be exchanged briefly and without obligation.

We do our best to give you short but thorough information about the problems you can contact us.