Whether you are a therapist, a bodyworker, a coach, a spiritual seeker or someone wanting to become a bodymind therapist, this certifying training has been designed to allow you to increase your level of experience, skill and understanding of integrative bodymind work, for you and your clients. More than just a training, Core Strokes is a life transforming journey!

Made of 4 independent and certifying modules of 100h of theory and practice, this training can be taken as a complement of your current modality or as a complete training in itself, leading to the Diploma of Core Strokes and Postural Integration practitioner.

Upcoming modules are planned and foreseen in France, Belgium, Corsica, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Mexico…

Are you ready for an extraordinary and transformative journey?

A woman experiencing joy during a Core Strokes training session

Why suffering, grief and pain?

Our divine CORE (we also call it “Center Of Right Energy”) is the repository of endless joy, intuition and creativity. It contains wisdom, happiness and the answer to all questions about our growth and development. Life is a journey indeed, with a divine quality which exists in our CORE.

But living fully from our CORE is not always easy. When life gets blocked, energy flow and consciousness get blocked. These ‘Life blocks’ or ‘Energy Blocks’ as such can be understood as stagnated pools of “vital substance”. They create a defensive armor full of dysfunctional patterns that Wilhelm Reich named Character structures. We find submission and dependency as a pseudo-solution for Love, aggression and control as distortions of Power, detachment and withdrawal as substitutes and caricatures for Serenity.

All those pseudo-solutions bring with them, soon or later, their share or griefs and pains. These pains and behaviors can be seen, understood and transformed with the help of Core Strokes.

Would you like to learn and experience concretely how to break free of these pains?

In this Core Strokes training, you will learn:

  • How to release defenses of the body and integrate body with mind and emotions,
  • How to allow the body to be a temple of your spirit and soul,
  • How to tap into the power of what you desire deep inside of you in order to create fulfilling experiences,
  • How, if you are on a spiritual path, to appreciate that there is a profoundly spiritual aspect to “letting go” on the physical plane,
  • How to understand and transform hyper/hypo-tensed or thickened fascia from the perspective of character style,
  • How to identify other characteristic patterns and blockages to the free flow of orgasmic energy, related to body types and personality types,
  • How to identify the origins of these energy blocks and how to release them on physical, energetic, and emotional levels through hands-on-bodywork as well as with non-touch guidance of the client,
  • How to free yourself from such old, dysfunctional patterns and become a mature, self-validating individual,
  • How to use Core Strokes bodywork to release trauma and to increase pleasure.

Why Core strokes™?

Core Strokes has been developed by Dirk Marivoet after 30 years of practice and teaching in the fields of integrative bodywork and psychotherapy. It combines theoretical and practical aspects of Core Energetics (developed by John C. Pierrakos, MD), Bodymind Integration such as Postural, Energetic and Pelvic-Heart Integration® (developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD) and Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (developed by Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden-Pesso).

Core Strokes touches upon the evolutionary process of the living Soul by unlocking the hidden potentials of the bodymind. It works with the integration of body, emotions, mind, will and the spiritual dimension as a whole. It offers tools for making a profound and authentic contact with the Self in order to restore and promote energy balance and equilibrium in the personality.

This unified method is supported by the latest information on both the psychological and physical evolution of human beings. It facilitates the clients’ need for fulfillment of long standing deficits in psychological and personality development. Bodymind information and experiences are utilized applying well-defined principles and techniques which are offered to clients in a way that empowers them to stay in charge of their own therapeutic process.

In a Core Strokes training, one help each other to release the holding patterns

How does this Method work?

Core Strokes sessions help a person to become aware and conscious in order to be able to let go of outdated survival patterns in the form of “muscular armoring”, which is a part of our emotional defense system.

Muscular armoring can be palpated as muscle hypertension or hypotension or can also be observed as impairment in movement, emotional rigidity, poor or difficult contact with others, and problems with “aliveness”.

Seen it is a chronic, unconscious, involuntary pattern of muscular constriction, IT CAN NOT BE LET GO THROUGH THE WILL.

In Core Strokes sessions one helps the other to let go of the chronic defense patterns by relating. The person is invited in the safe container of the session, to come out with a new part of themselves, or an old part of themselves that has been hiding in their body as symptoms.

Core Strokes uses the meta-view of a map of consciousness and a map of personality as an orientation for assessing the direction and depth of the transformational work of the Self.

In the case of a one on one session, the presence of the therapist gives the client the courage to begin revealing, become conscious, purify and transform all that is coming to the surface from the inner depths.

What should you expect in this training?

This training has been designed to allow you to understand how blocked energy affects us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. During a module, we alternate theory and practice, we work alone, in pairs or in small groups.

During the training, you will:

  • acquire thorough knowledge of anatomy, energy physiology, hands-on bodywork, body reading, diverse communication tools and psychological methods.
  • receive a full series of individual comprehensive paradigm sessions and learn to give these to others.
  • receive support in the process of establishing your own practice or center.

In Core Strokes™ classes, we always draw on the wisdom in the room. We address Reason, Will, and Emotion as distinct aspects of learning. Learning in itself is seen as a whole-body experience.

In Core Strokes™ training, you will be guided to develop :

  • unconditional positive regard,
  • empathy,
  • congruence,
  • authenticity,
  • caring for the self and for the other.

A practice-oriented training

Demonstrations will support your understanding of theoretical lectures. You will master new interventions and exercises on an experiential and a technical level. You will enlarge your experience as a therapist by practical training in duos, trios and subgroups of colleagues. Video feedback, supervision by the trainers, case-discussions and homework in peer-supervision groups are elements for evaluating your learning process.

Each module of 7 days are made of:

  • Bodywork, Exercises, Role Playing, Gestalt,
  • Process Work (individual session in the group),
  • Paradigm sessions,
  • Peer-supervision-meetings,
  • Leading exercise groups,
  • Studying literature,
  • Evaluation.

Who is this Core Strokes training for?

This Core Strokes training has been created to be of relevance to a wide range of professionals. The training modules can be taken as a complement of an existing practice or as a complete training in itself. This training is also destined to people interested in serious personal/spiritual development. Here are examples of how this training can be relevant for you.


If you work with clients in a 1:1 therapeutic context, you will likely find that at times body oriented interventions will appear beneficial at some stage. Core Strokes aims to provide clients with an arena to:

  • Gain clarity about confused and distorted present day relationships due to unmet needs of the past
  • Help unprocessed (symptom-making) emotions to become clearly and satisfying expressed/processed in the whole body
  • Monitor affectively and cognitively all sorts of body sensations, emotional states, abreactive states, defense mechanisms, values, attitudes, thoughts, memories
  • Attend to unmet needs of the past symbolically with appropriately named role-playing figures while emotionally and cognitively in touch with earlier levels of consciousness

The Core Strokes Training gives you a deep immersion, through your own lived experiences, of the various dimensions that this topic can traverse. The training will leave you with a grounded confidence to hold space for explorations on this theme and to guide clients competently in your sessions space.

Coach, teacher or facilitator

Whether you work with children, teenagers or adults, themes around embodiment, the meaning of life, intimacy and sexuality are likely to come up in your practice or your classroom. In a world so devoid of embodied guidance, wisdom and tolerance, it behooves our educators and coaches to be able to hold the space for this necessary exploration.

Business coaches find that the lives of their clients are impacted by problems with intimacy, appropriate distance, boundaries, dissatisfaction, frustration and so on and so forth. Teachers are working with young people who are eager to explore all dimensions of their development.

Self and other regulation and stages of need satisfaction like place, nurturance, support, protection and limits can be appropriately dealt with. Here’s an opportunity to equip yourself in a very fundamental way for the task by learning when and how to appropriately satisfy, validate, respect and confirm needs in appropriate context.

Tantra teacher

If you have a Tantra practice and desire to move into greater depth in your capacity to hold the rich complexity of what gets touched for people when their resistances, immaturities and defense mechanisms below the social mask layer of the theme of “love, eros and sexuality” comes up, then this training is helpful for you.

Many Western Tantra practitioners come to a stage of realizing that there is much more to the mystical and psychological dimensions of Tantra than what they have access to. The Core Strokes Training offers you months of learning and transmission in this field.


When working directly on the body, or with subtle dimensions of the body, we are also tapping into all the intelligence of the client’s relational, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Simply through your own deeper embodiment, you will be able to transmit ease, openness and understanding to your clients.

Learning therapeutic bodywork, both directly on the body or with more subtle and energetic dimensions in the framework of an understanding of character analysis and the evolutionary process of the individual and mankind, you will help the client to connect more deeply with his/her essence, true nature and direction and purpose in life.

Bodywork often brings up traumatic memories in the client. A practitioner who does not shy away in horror when feelings become intense, but is able to stay present and to ground both the client and himself with awareness of boundaries (not crossing any) is a better practitioner for the client.

Relationship therapist

As a relationship therapist, you’re bound to meet the challenges in people’s intimate relating including the dimensions of “love, eros and sexuality” – and you will have realized by now that this is a very delicate terrain to be traversed with care and skill.

Imagine the increase in your capacity to hold space for couples and other relationships if you acquire the skill to help people sink deeper in themselves and their truths and become confident in more dimensions of relating yourself.

Pregnancy/fertility coach/doula

Those who work with couples as they traverse the challenges around fertility and pregnancy know that the couple’s dynamics around intimacy and sexuality is a tender and challenging growth point at this time.

Through your own inner work in exploring your own needs and through the knowledge you will gain on this training, you will find a new ease in supporting couples to turn this time into a growth-filled and exciting exploration.

Who are the trainers?

Dirk Marivoet integrative psychotherapist

Dirk Marivoet, MSc. is the main teacher of this training.

He is a registered psychotherapist (member of EAP, EABP, BVP-ABP, WAPCEPC), and a licenced Psychomotor Therapist and PT in mental health (member of VVPMT). He is the general-secretary at ICPIT, director and founder of the Institute for Bodymind Integration in Ghent (Belgium), trainer for Postural, Energetic and Pelvic-Heart Integration®. He worked at the University of Leuven for many years (Psychiatric Centers and Faculty for Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences). He also studied under John Pierrakos, co-founder of Bio Energetics and Core Energetics. He is a teacher, lecturer and supervisor at the Netherlands and Greek Institutes for Core Energetics. He received various Shamanic Training (Lakota, Druid, Tibetan). He is the father of two.

During this training, you will also be taught by other invited Teachers. 

As my teacher, I have felt safe with him, heard, seen and understood, and aren’t these the most needed qualities of a great teacher?
Paula Moreau-Smith, Body psychotherapist, England

Dirk has deep knowledge, creativity, wisdom and his tremendous skills working with the body and the consciousness. He is a great therapist and an explorer of the human nature!
Ivan Sebastiani, Director of the Italian Institute of Core Energetics

My deepest gratitude to Dirk as my trainer, supervisor, therapist for continuing inspiration, support, wisdom and heartfelt qualities. He really «walks what he talks». A wonderful human heart which can make space for everything.
Alaya Tessa

Curriculum of the Core Strokes™ and Postural Integration® training

The aim of this training, consisting of 4 modules of 7 days, is to become skilled in Level I, II, III and IV of Core Strokes™ (certificates issued by IBI). You can also become a certified Postural Integration® practitioner after completion of  the 4 Core Strokes modules and a 300h internship in Core Strokes™& Postural Integration®.

Each module will support your own personal growth, as well as your competence to coach and help others in their own transformation process on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The full program will help you to transform your life and help you to coach others competently in their transformation process.

After graduation you will be part of an International community of practitioners in Bodymind Integration methods. 

Core Strokes™ module 1

The Soul’s Journey of Transformation.”

100 hours

Topics covered during this module:

  • exploration of a 9-step cycle of the natural energy flow and its blockades
  • theoretical contributions regarding the structuring elements of the psyche in relation to body-oriented therapy:
    • The dichotomy between body and mind: philosophical, cultural and therapeutic implications
    • The world seen through the “lens” of internalized interactions in the past
    • Updates on research into brain, memory, body, emotions and consciousness
    • Teachings on the meta-visions of a map of consciousness and a map of personality
    • Character defenses as a distortion of divine qualities
    • Pleasure, satisfaction, meaning, connection instead of pain, frustration, despair, alienation
  • theoretical teaching of Core Strokes Paradigm sessions 1, 2 and 7a
    • releasing the superficial layer of the myofascial network 
    • “Letting go” on the physical plane
    • Understand and transform hyper / hypo-stressed or thickened myofascial armor
    • Affect, emotion and body sensations as sources of information
  • solutions in the therapeutic relationship; provide insight into the past; solutions in current relationships.
  • practical application exercises,
  • time for questions and answers about the intervention modes,
  • the perception of psychotherapy sessions between students, including guidance,
  • analysis of the effects of the method and its limits,
  • analysis of video sequences filmed from exchanges of experience of psychotherapy sessions

Core Strokes™ module 2

Expansion of Trust.”

100 hours

Topics covered during this module: 

  • theoretical teaching of Core Strokes Paradigm sessions 3 and 7b
    • focussing on the intermediate deep layer of the myofascial network
  • practical application exercises,
  • time for questions and answers about the intervention modes,
  • the perception of psychotherapy sessions between students, including guidance,
  • analysis of the effects of the method and its limits,
  • analysis of video sequences filmed from exchanges of experience of psychotherapy sessions,
  • theoretical contributions regarding the structuring elements of the psyche in relation to body-oriented therapy:
    • The hidden potential of the body mind and the uniform method
    • Enable people to lead their own therapeutic process
    • Neuroscientific approaches to trauma
    • Pseudo-solutions: submission and dependence; aggression and control; detachment and withdrawal

Core Strokes™ module 3

  “Unfolding Your Divine Qualities: Love, Power, Serenity, Wisdom.”

100 hours

  • theoretical teaching of Core Strokes Paradigm sessions 4,5 and 6
    • focus on the release of the deep layer of the myofascial network
  • practical application exercises,
  • time for questions and answers about the intervention modes,
  • the perception of psychotherapy sessions between students, including guidance,
  • analysis of the effects of the method and its limits,
  • analysis of video sequences filmed from exchanges of experience of psychotherapy sessions,
  • theoretical contributions regarding the structuring elements of the psyche in relation to body-oriented therapy:
    • Integration and storage of new sensory-motor, kinesthetic and auditory-visual memories alongside older prints.
    • Tracking and raising awareness of affective expressions, physical states, verbal statements, core belief systems and internalized prohibitions and commandments
    • Generate realistic perspectives on oneself and others; optimistic expectations and behavior flourish, which leads to more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connection in current life.
    • Controlled interactions in role play

Core Strokes™ module 4

“The fruits and rewards of living. Realizing your uniqueness and potentiality – Life Task.”

100 hours 

  • theoretical teaching of Core Strokes Paradigm sessions 8-12
    • focus on the integration and balancing of all structuring layers of the myofascial network
  • practical application exercises,
    time for questions and answers about the intervention modes,
  • the perception of psychotherapy sessions between students, including guidance,
  • analysis of the effects of the method and its limits,
  • analysis of video sequences filmed from exchanges of experience of psychotherapy sessions,
  • theoretical contributions regarding the structuring elements of the psyche in relation to body-oriented therapy:
    • Integration as a means of connecting separate areas with their unique functions
    • Integration and unification of polarities of being
    • Literal, symbolic and magical ties
    • Development and strengthening of the ‘Pilot’, the highest order of consciousness: the observing,
      decision-making and executive ego
    • The need for autonomy and responsibility
    • Constellations of energetic charge and control
    • Dealing with ambivalence (by polarization techniques)
    • Change the past into the present
      Insight, empathy, intuition and morality as complex appearing functions of integration.
    • Kindness, resilience and health as a result of integration

Upcoming modules dates and places

Module 1

South-Africa: 20-27 January 2021

South of France: May 10-16, 2021 

Belgium: Date to be announced

Corsica:  18-24 October 2021

Module 2

South of France: November 8-14, 2021 

Corsica: 18-24 April 2022


Module 3

South of France: May 23-29, 2022

Corsica: Date to be announced

Module 4

South of France: 7-13 november 2022

Corsica: Date to be announced

What does it cost?

910€/module (prices are subject to change)

Price is for Europeans and Northern Americans. Prices may differ for other continents. Please, contact us for further information.

The price includes 100h of training and a manual.
It does not include travel expenses, accommodation and food.

How to apply for this training?

To enroll in this training you need to send us a short CV including your experience with

  • psychotherapeutic/personal development sessions
  • experiential work, deep bodywork, etc.
  • emotional process work (Individual or Group)
  • body psychotherapy, bodymind integration
  • systemic work

To apply to this training, you are invited to contact us by mail in order to get an entry interview or first appointment with us. This first exchange will allow us to determine if this training meets your needs and expectations. You may be invited to join an introductory workshop first or to apply for the first module directly in the locality of your preference (see dates and places above). Instructions for registration and payment will be given to you afterwards.

Core Strokes introductory workshops

are You interested but would like to know more about Core Strokes before Enrolling?

In order to allow you to have a first experience with Core Strokes and what it could offer to you, you can join one of our 2 or 3 days introductory workshops in Belgium, France, Italy, Corsica, Netherlands, UK, USA, South Africa, Australia or elsewhere.

Ready to apply?

If you feel ready to apply or if you need an answer to questions you may have, please send us your information through the form below. We will come back to you a.s.a.p. to make an appointment by phone or video call.

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