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Director and general coordinator

Dirk Marivoet, General Secretary of ICPIT. European certified psychotherapist (ECP), member Belgian Association for Psychotherapy (BVP-ABP), member European Association of Body Psychotherapists (EABP), Psychomotor Therapist (member Flemish Association for Psychomotor Therapy (VVPMT), Physiotherapist in Mental Health. visiting professor, author, speaker.

Email: info@bodymindintegration.com


Postural Integration Practitioner - Learning Therapist

Evy Van Wesemael is certified practitioner for Postural Integration (PI). She started her path of Self development in 1999 through system therapy and since 2002 through PI. Evy has been active in transpersonal work and healing through traditional Canadian and American ceremonies and collaborated in healing festivals in England and Ireland. More recently she immersed herself in the practice of Sexual Grounding therapy. She lead bio-energetic groups in the IBI and has been staff member of the summer workshop for several years. She is learning therapist for the Postural Integration training.


Staff member Body Psychotherapy Training

Mag Elisabeth Renner is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Body Psychotherapist living in Graz, Austria. She graduated from University of Vienna where she did her post graduate clinical work and later studied with Jack Painter for more than 10 years. Together they hosted many trainings through out Austria, Germany and Italy. She is a certified trainer in all three (Bodymind Methods); Postural Integration, Energetic Integration and Pelvic-Heart Integration. Elisabeth has her private office in Graz and offers annual trainings and workshops through out Europe in PI, EI and PHI. Every year Elisabeth also offers a body & nature wisdom seminar in Hawaii… when on island, she loves to swim with wild Spinner dolphins and Humpback whales!


Staff member Body Psychotherapy Training

Massimo is Psycholoog - Psychotherapeut. Hij is geaccrediteerd ICPIT-Trainer voor Postural Integration. Hij is de Voorzitter van de AIPT- Association of Transpersonal oriented Postural Integration. Hij is tevens professor aan de post universiteitsschool Scuola Superiore di Formazione di Psicoterapia, Cremona, Italy. Schreef het boek Corpo e Cambiamento (Body and Change), Tecniche Nuove Editrice, 2000, Milano, Italië.


Postural Integration trainer - supervisor

Bernhard Schlage is a Postural Integration Trainer - Colleague in the Postural Integration Training


Gestalt & Postural Integration therapist - supervisor

Françoise is learning therapist and supervisor to body psychotherapists.


Psychotherapist (ECP), Coach, Trainer - Gestalt, Postural Integration

Gestalt therapist (Gestalt Expérientiel with Paul Rebillot), Postural Integration Practitioner. Coordinator of the workshop „Se faire Confiance en Conscience”, firewalk seminars as well as seminars for enterprises and sportclubs. Maintains a private practice in Hotton (B).