Living the Mystery of the Masculine and Feminine

Beyond Attraction-Rejection, Happiness-Frustration, Joy-Heartbreak

International Workshop  BELGIUM, ... 


Elisabeth Renner (A) and Dirk Marivoet (B)


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Thursday,  (18.00) 

until Sunday,  (18.00)

We often resign ourselves to repeating cycles of being attracted to and then rejected by the opposite sex. This pattern of finding short lived happiness and joy often leads to plunging back into unforeseen frustration and heartbreak. We can become intrigued and overwhelmed by the mystery of the opposite sex. Yet, when we really feel both the masculine and feminine already inside of us and then letting these parts of us interact with each other, we can find our way to sustainable excitement, deep love and even ecstasy. Our sexuality then comes from the wonderful mystery within us and guides us in our relationship with others.

In this workshop we will discover how our characteristic breathing patterns, thoughts, emotions, and body armour block the free flow of our life force and inhibit our capacity for sensual pleasure and orgasmic release. We use breath, movement and mindful touch to feel the unity of love and satisfaction. Psychodrama, imagery and role plays are helping us to explore the sexual and heart energy from our ancestors and our inner triangle (father, mother, child) which becomes a template for future relationships. Experiencing the spiritual presence of our ancestors is powerful and helps us to heal old wounds carried  through generations. Pelvic-Heart Integration is helpful and supportive in creating a new wave of consciousness in all of us.

Workshop Fee: EARLY BIRD RATE: Enroll before August 15th and pay 420 €

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NORMAL RATE: Enroll after August 15th and pay 450 €

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Dirk Marivoet:

Elisabeth Renner:


Seminar Leaders:

Elisabeth&DirkDirk Marivoet: Psychomotor Therapist – Psychotherapist - Body Psychotherapist - Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration, Postural Integration & Energetic Integration

Elisabeth Renner: Clinical Psychologist – Psychotherapist - Body Psychotherapist Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration, Postural Integration & Energetic Integration


Een woordje in het Nederlands

Het mannelijke en het vrouwelijke zijn twee figuren die in de persoonlijkheid gekleurd worden tijdens onze vroege jeugd, in de interactie met onze ouders. Deze geïnternaliseerde modellen begeleiden ons langs het evolutionaire pad van ons bestaan en beïnvloeden onze ervaring van genot, de keuze van onze partners en hoe we er ons tegenover verhouden. Tijdens de training zullen de deelnemers energieblokkades die verband houden met de oudere modellen van het mannelijke en het vrouwelijke kunnen ervaren via adem, beweging, spel en aanraking, met het oog op het herstellen van de vrije stroom van plezier en opwinding en het vinden van welzijn in romantische relaties en seksualiteit.

De theoretische modellen en praktische referenties zijn: Gestalt therapie; lichaamsgerichte psychotherapie; bodymind drama; bewegingsbewustwording; energetic integration, postural integration en pelvic-heart release.